How Do Companies act?

The How Do Companies Act group is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together to reform the legal framework for businesses in the UK. The ultimate goal is re-writing sections of the Companies Act but also to work collaboratively on other areas of legislation and regulation that can ‘hardwire’ social and environmental impacts into business decision making through better governance, accounting, and reporting. 

The group started in 2019 as a campaign to change the basis of financial accounting (to include social and environmental impacts). The scope was soon widened to include regulating the business environment more broadly and a wider campaign to provide a more ethical business landscape. In the light of COVID-19 our online meetings are bi-weekly as we see the need for greater collaboration to help amplify our individual efforts and help shape policy long term but also in the immediate recovery from COVID-19.   

We’re running out of time. This campaign is aiming high because we have no other option. Time is running out, we’re in health, environmental, and a social crisis, and action is needed now. We don’t have the time to slowly push for change, we must demand it, and demand it happens now.